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Hi there! My name is Rachael and I'm the owner of Hammers, Nails, & Band-aids. I also happen to be a wife and mother to two wonderful girls! I brainstormed HNB about three years ago when I was attending a canvas paint party for a fundraiser. I thought how cool would it be to be able to travel around to peoples home and help them create a unique piece of home decor that they could love forever! Well I'm sure many of you know it took that three years to actually get up and running. So now, here we are!


I love to bring friends and familes together through crafting. Whether that be painting a wood pallet sign, creating a string art sign, or maybe a farmhouse style framed sign; the posibilities are endless! The best part? No creative skills are required! In fact, we provide all the tools and materials to create your own unique piece.


Take a look down below at some of our image options. Don't see something your looking for, or want a custom design? Just reach out and we will work with you to create a new one!


How to book a party.


- select 1 or 2 dates that work best with your and your groups schedule (must be at least 20 days in advance, no more than 2 months).

- pick 3 to 4 designs from above for your guests to choose from (if you are looking for a personalized style or different design just let me know!)

- 5 guest minimum, the hostess will get their sign half off (have 10 guests, the hostess' sign will be FREE!)

-email me on the form below with:

  • your preferred dates and times
  • design choices
  • location of party
  • your expected number of guests




Where can I host my event?

The sky is the limit! Many people have it in their own homes, their church or work place. However if you aren't able to find a place there are local restaurants that have a party space like Pizza Hut in Albany and Lebanon, or Big Town Hero in Lebanon.

What is the cost?

The cost is $25 each sign. This includes all designs and the sign size options: 14" round, 12"x12" square, 24"x6" smooth, and 18"x8" smooth.

How to my guests register?

I will set up a Facebook Event page that you can share with your guests. In it will be a link to prepay and register. It will be at that time that they will nee to choose their designs.

What do I need to supply?

Depending on venue, you will need to supply all tables and chairs. Sometimes, it is a good idea to provide your guests light refreshments.

What if a guest cancels?

Unfortunately due to the nature of making every item cutom for each guest, spaces are non-refundable. However, if they can't make it, they can choose from two options. One is that I make their sign for them and they meet with you to pick it up. The second is for them to pick up the pieces and piant samples and finish at a later time.


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